Fact Them All


There are a lot of great fact-checking projects producing high-quality data. Still fake news is shared 70% faster than real news. 

These fake news are shared annoyingly by your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.
Fact checking exists, but it exists only on Google. We still have to find it.

We are bringing factchecking experience to the browsing experience. Now, when you are looking at news on your Facebook or Twitter, you will get to know, when your news is either incorrect or fake – with a link to the real story.

Yes, we can win this fight.
But we can not win it without our friends. Because the fight against fake news is social – it can not be won without our friends. Don’t lecture them, don’t blame them, but help them learn the facts. Help them get out of their echo chambers and online concentration camps.

Now you can do it. Install our plugin. Help eliminate fakes. Fact them all!